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Succulent Compost Mix

The Nurseries Curator has spent the last decade growing a…

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The Nurseries Curator has spent the last decade growing a range of plants to the best standard possible. The last few years he has spent his time growing an extensive range of succulents, experimenting with methods of how to grow them successfully here in the UK.

From this knowledge he has put together this uniquely blended succulent compost mix to give your succulents at home the best conditions to thrive. Specifically designed to be free draining, peat free and blended to make sure fungal diseases are less likely to take hold.

Prices are based on the additional delivery cost when sending this item. This is due to the bulk and weight of the compost – when ordering the compost with other succulents or products, the compost will be sent separately to avoid damage to other products in transit.

If purchasing this product at the nursery – the price will be reduced as delivery cost will not apply – enquire instore for details.

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