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Phalaenopsis ‘Tropic Snowball’

Commonly known as the Moth Orchid, this plant has been…

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Commonly known as the Moth Orchid, this plant has been a staple in peoples houseplant collection for many years. This stunning variety produces a cloud of pure white flowers with a yellow centre. One of the reasons this plant has been so popular over the years is the fact it can tolerate neglect and even then, still produce flowers.

The plant likes bright but indirect light, it is currently grown in a special orchid bark-based compost so when the plant needs potting on it is best to source this rather than a standard compost mix. Water in a tray of water once a week or fortnightly during spring and summer – in winter this can be reduced to once a month or even longer if bark remains moist. Plant likes humidity so mist or keep in the bathroom of kitchen.

Current Height with Pot: 55 -77cm*
Pot Diameter: 12cm

* Measurements taken at time of listing. For exact measurements please contact us.

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