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Pachira aquatica

The money tree is a great addition to the home…

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The money tree is a great addition to the home or office due to it’s quick but managable growth habit as well as being well suited to growing indoors. The rich green five lobed leaved arrangement of its foliage is considered lucky, as well as offering an attractive bold form.

Pachira aquatica is often found in cultivation with latticed stems, this plant has not creating a more natural look.
Plant likes bright but indirect light, but can tolerate shade. Water when the soil becomes slightly dry at the top, plants likes humid conditions. Temperature :16-24c (Avoid temperatures below 10c)

Pot Diameter : 9cm.
Current Height with pot: 30cm – 35cm*

* Current plant size was taken at time of listing. Please contact us for exact measurements.

*Plant will be supplied in Nursery Recyclable Pot, not in ornamental pot shown in photographs.

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