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Monstera deliciosa (30cm Pot)

One of the most well known and reliable of House…

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One of the most well known and reliable of House plants, the Swiss Cheese plants bold lush green, glossy foliage that has uniquely patterned holes have made it a stalwart of the houseplant world. In the wild it lives in the crevices of tree making it epiphytic. The plant is evergreen and can tolerate I range of light conditions – happy in semi shade but prefers bright indirect light. In regard to water let the soil dry out a bit between watering, mist every few days to keep foliage looking healthy – and remove any build up of dust when you can.

This plant is grown using Hydroculture – this means the plant is suplied with a water meter float/ sensor in with the roots that will tell you when the plant requires watering. The plant is not grown in soil but hydrogranules. So it is important to monitor the float/ sensor once or twice a week.

Interesting snippets of information:

Monstera deliciosa – translates to Delicious Monster

As the plant matures it produces aerial roots – in Peru these are made into ropes.

Pot Size (diameter): 30cm

Current Height with Pot: 80 -100cm *

* Measurement taken at time of listing. For exact measurements send us a message.

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